Thursday, June 5, 2008 Online collaborative mindmapping is an online mindmapping tool that can be embedded into blogs, wikis and websites. It can be created online, saved, printed and other people can be invited to add to it. It can also be exported as a image so it can be inserted into wordprocessing documents. Once it is embedded use your mouse to click and drag the diagram around, use the scroll button on your mouse to zoom in and out. Try this out on the example below.


Anonymous said...

If your blog's intent is to document Web2.0 apps that are useful in educational, I'd like to point you towards my pages about all the web-based mindmapping software of the type.

I've collected them all here:

There are four pages of information about these Mindmapping 2.0 web apps - detail or summary, overview, and what can import and export to what. is something of a favourite of mine, but there a several other totally free ones that also allow on-line collaboration.

The master list of mind-mapping &
information management software

Jacqui Sharp said...

Hi Vic, thanks for your link, I have checked it out and it looks very informative! Regards Jacqui