Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Educaplay: Make your own activities

Educaplay enables you to create activities and then embed in your blog or wiki. You need to set up an account. The default settings are Spanish, so make sure you select English.
Ways to use this in a classroom
  • spelling word activities
  • topic word activities
  • shared book activities (as shown below)
  • making crosswords about topics or books
  • specific grammatical activities like changing tense, adding endings, plurals etc
  • Comprehension activities
Make a Wordfind
Make a Cloze activity Make a Jumbled Sentence

Monday, August 1, 2011

Primary Wall

Just came across this link on twitter today 

 "@Elle_Gifted  Alternative to Wallwisher for primary sts shared by @plnaugle http://primarywall.com/ at Tech Smackdown #RSCON3."

Primary Wall looks like a great alternative to Wallwisher especially as it seems to be 'broken' quite often. It has a few different features from Wallwisher and is very easy to use.
Here is an example of what it looks like

And you can choose to send your notes to Wordle

And here is a list of ideas you could use Primary Wall and Wall Wisher for...