Friday, July 4, 2008

Big Huge Labs 'Curriculum use of Photos'

Big Huge Labs
has a multitude of applications that can be used in an educational context mainly as different ideas for publishing or presenting. If your school blocks Flickr though you might not be able to use it. Occasionally you might see some questionable advertising that you might like to advise your students to ignore. Click on images to see a larger version.

Motivational Posters
Image hosted @
Insert a photo and type in an inspirational message, choose a frame.

Bead Art
Image hosted @
Digitises photos and turn into beads

Image hosted @
Photos are turned into jigsaws with some pieces missing.

Picture Cube
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Create your own dice with photos and graphics.

Magazine Cover
Image hosted @
Create your own magazine cover with photo and words

Image hosted @
Turn a photo into a Warhol picture.
And there are many more if you click on the 'Jump to Menu' options

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