Sunday, October 19, 2008

Education version of Glogster

Glogster has been around for a while but now they do an education version. You can create school accounts and keep Glogs private. They will be adding more features as time goes by. You do need to make sure you have the latest versions of Adobe flash for everything to work well.
Its catch phrase is 'Poster Yourself!' Insert photos, graphics, text boxes, speech bubbles, podcasts, movies (Youtube, webcam), hyperlinks to other files and sounds so that it becomes interactive. This is wonderful way for children to present their work and publish it to a blog, wiki or website. So instead of making a poster displaying children's knowledge, get them to make an interactive poster that links to the places they found their research i.e. online encyclopedias, movies etc

Examples of how to use Glogster
  • book reports
  • book trailers (advertising a book in the same way a movie trailer advertises a movie)
  • character analysis (picture of a character and labels)
  • publishing their writing (recounts, explanations, argument etc)
  • Inquiry learning presentation on a topic
  • posters for health (all about me, how to keep safe)
  • science (steps of an experiment, findings from an experiment)
  • comparison statements, insert photos or graphics and make comparisons
  • insert a glog that has different elements hyperlinked into the home page of a Wiki so it becomes the 'launcher' page that links to other pages

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