Monday, November 2, 2009

Hero Machine Version 2.5

Hero Machine Version 2.5 is another Superhero site. This one is very comprehenisive and offers many choices. I particularly like how you can add a companion.

There is also four choices of bodies.

Once you have added all the parts and features to your superhero then you will need to take a screen capture
 Update 3 November 2009
Jeff the Designer left a comment about my post and told me that HeroMachine Version 3.0 is in Alpha mode, it looks amazing, heaps more options. Kids are going to have fun with this one!


Jeff Hebert said...

Glad you like it! Note that there's a 3.0 version, currently still in early Alpha mode (meaning it's buggy but it works, and doesn't yet have a complete set of items) available as well. It's linked on the front page of, right in the middle and also at the top right of the red toolbar.

It makes me happy to see educators getting use out of it, comics were certainly what fueled my own drive to learn when I was a kid.

Jacqui Sharp said...

Thanks Jeff
It is a great site and kids are going to love it, just had a look at Hero Machine 3, it is going to be brilliant!