Monday, August 1, 2011

Primary Wall

Just came across this link on twitter today 

 "@Elle_Gifted  Alternative to Wallwisher for primary sts shared by @plnaugle at Tech Smackdown #RSCON3."

Primary Wall looks like a great alternative to Wallwisher especially as it seems to be 'broken' quite often. It has a few different features from Wallwisher and is very easy to use.
Here is an example of what it looks like

And you can choose to send your notes to Wordle

And here is a list of ideas you could use Primary Wall and Wall Wisher for...


John McLear said...

Hi Jacqui,

I'm the creator of PrimaryWall and I just wanted to say thanks for your post, it is extremely useful and well written.

Thank you so much, I'm always extremely humbled when I stumble upon blog posts about things I have created!

PS I work at Primary Technology and we have a bunch of other really useful edu based tools. Please do take a minute to check them out as I'd love to see some more of your thoughts about them!

Thanks again :)

John McLear

Jac said...

I have used primary wall with my class of new entrants. Was really easy and simple for them. I ended up typing the childrens' responses as it took ages for them using the writing pad on our mimio software.
Some staff have registered to use primary wall but then I found that you can't see the wall when it is embedded on a blog.
Have also had some success with too. Easy to use.

John McLear said...

Thanks Jac, i will have a play with Embed and see why it's not working. It could be that their blog doesn't support embed. Would it be possible to see an example?

Lewis said...

Looks really good.

Would be great to have an ipod touch app / a little more iPod friendly web interface.

I have tried so many different websites including wallwisher but none work well on the iPod tocuh (which all our year 7's have)

An even easier thing would be if they could email a unique address and it just start appearing as sticikes on the screen!


Jacqui Sharp said...

I agree Lewis, I would love to see an iPad app for Primary Wall or Wallwisher, Linoit has a free one

John McLear said...

Primarywall will run on any device as it's pure HTML (no flash etc). We wont be releasing an any app for any open system or device as we believe in an open web however the source code for primarywall is available so anyone else is welcome to make an app :)