Thursday, September 1, 2011

Post it Wars

I saw @mrwoodnz tweet about Post-it -Wars and then I read his blog post. I was confused until I read the link to the herald story about Post-it-Wars in France. It is a corporate 'collage' war using Post-it notes stuck to windows.
Have a look at the 20 photos on the Herald page.

Shaun had created his own Post-it-War using Linoit which enabled him to use different colour Post-its. I tried it out, it is not as easy as it looks.

Sticky Notes on Win7 worked quite well and was quite quick to create notes but there is a limit of notes, so use wisely.

iCardSort (Free or NZ $8.29 ) is an iPad app that was easy to use and didn't seem to have a limit on sticky notes.

There are other apps available for the iPad

So how could this be used in Education?
  • create icons or emblems
  • create flags
  • take a popular graphic and problem solve how to make it with square shapes (i.e.stickies)
  • investigate how pictures are made up of pixels and plot/plan a picture on a spreadsheet and then make it with the sticky notes
  • have a post-it-war with other classes using the windows of the classes to show case your efforts
  • if you are using technology then post images to a wiki or a blog
Thanks Shaun for making me spend 4 hours investigating was great fun!

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MrWoodnz said...

My pleasure Jacqui, I loved your idea, they are worth the four hours.